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An Interview with Gary O’Connor, Fitness Expert for the Live It Exercise Program
July 2, 2015 by Dr. Gary Clayman
I’m thrilled to introduce you to the Live It Exercise Program’s fitness expert, Gary O’Connor. Gary O’Connor has been Rod Stewart’s personal trainer for over 13 years. Rather than me tell you about him, I thought that the best way for you to get to know him and his extraordinary work would be through an interview.

Dr. Clayman: How did you get started in your field?

Gary O’Connor: My interest in health and fitness started about 35 years ago. I attended a local gym with a friend. He drifted off after a few weeks, but my interest grew and developed. I was fascinated by how the body responds to different exercises, workout routines and protocols. I started to study the subject and learned invaluable information networking with sportsmen, elite national coaches and high level trainers and instructors. I began to formulate my own ideas and concepts of health and fitness.

As I gained experience in sports performance and exercise rehabilitation, working with special populations, disease management, and exercise referral within the medical profession and health related exercise, I also progressed through various formal qualifications and gained experience working in local fitness studios and gyms. Eventually, I gained the status of gym manager and director of health and fitness.

Dr. Clayman: How would you describe your exercise philosophy?

Gary O’Connor: I am convinced that the evolution of exercise and movement has its roots in primitive man—not at all unlike the Live It Diet component of the Live It Lifestyle, wherein we eat food our bodies were engineered to break down and use for fuel–and that a life filled with regular and varied forms of physical activity is the natural way for us to function at optimum levels of health and wellness. Indeed, exercise is essential for a long and healthy life. Regular and varied physical activity promotes wellness as well as spiritual and mental health, enabling us to function as eminently physically gifted human beings.

Dr. Clayman: I agree completely! But in today’s world, many of my patients are daunted by the challenge to make the time to exercise in their busy lives and then the fear that even if they do, they won’t be able to sustain it throughout their lives.

Gary O’Connor: Yes, I’ve found that fear to be real with my clients as well. It’s understandable. I want to encourage people to attain a level of fitness that they can realistically maintain. I believe in trying to bring people in touch with their natural inborn desire for physical activity, the natural need to commit to exercise that is actually part of our DNA as a physical being. You simply have to make a habit of it, so that doing what’s right for your body becomes a non-decision. For example, if exercise becomes part of your daily or weekly routine, then you don’t have to struggle each time with a “Should I, or shouldn’t I?” debate.

Dr. Clayman: So how do people who are new to exercise or need to exercise more integrate it into their lives as a habit?

Gary O’Connor: By finding something, anything, that involves physical activity that is realistic, attainable, entertaining and enjoyable, and then repeating it regularly and consistently on a weekly basis.

Dr. Clayman: One of the best things about the Live It Exercise Program is you can incorporate exercise into the things you already do on a daily basis, such as shopping, watching television, waiting in line at the supermarket, and more, and that incorporating these movements and adding them up day after day, week after week, will accumulate and help you to produce the results you seek.

Gary O’Connor: Yes, our book covers that. I am fascinated by the physical prowess of the human body, how it can, through training and regular exercise, perform feats of untold grace, dexterity, athleticism, which are a delight to behold. As a personal trainer, it has been very empowering for me to motivate and encourage people to reach their physical peak performance.

Live It, Your Life—Healthier, Happier, Longer™ by Dr. Gary Clayman is a comprehensive life program that promotes wellness, strength, vigor, and longevity and combats obesity, cancer, and other chronic debilitating diseases so you can Live It, Your Life—Healthier, Happier, Longer™, the way it was meant to be, joyously.

Rockstar DVD update!

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Start your year with a boost the Rockstar DVD is now available at the bargain price of 5 pounds.

Here’s a Youtube clip to get you started..


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OK to all the Rod Stewart Fans out there that are following the current tour.

My DVD will be available on the merchandise stand from the Louiseville show on tuesday the 3rd June.

see if you can get Rock Star fit.

Fit for Life

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Think of your efforts for fitness as having a purpose. Just as an athletes training program and dedication is directed towards sporting acievement, so our regular exercise and healthy eating efforts can be directed towards a purpose, be it increasing our general health and wellbeing. To more tangible ones such as increasing our options for recreation and outdoor activities.
A point in question as i am now in Sydney Australia and hoping to use my fitness to attempt the Sydney bridge walk! that is when being fit for life brings further enjoyment. So lets all keep on with our journey towards better health and fitness.

2014 moving forward

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another year …… what to do ? keep on keeping on and utilise all information all techniques anything to continue living a healthy lifestyle.
It some times seems against the odds but the solutions are already implated in our genes ….. we are programmed for movement, so dont resist this unique impulse, its one of the few impulses that is in our favour and is all good.

TOUR 2012…up and running.

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Tour has kicked off, starting in jakarta, Indonesia.
Now on to Australia and New Zealand section, its only being in australia that i realise the enthusiasm for health and fitness. obviously this is made easier by the beautiful climate and the many options for out door exercise and activities. but dont let these advantages for some be demotivators for others not blessed to live in sunnier climates.
Stick to your resolve to make this a year of doing! and remember the key aspects of success …application and consistancy of effort.

constant effort for success

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Our efforts to increase acitivity levels are mainly to do with persistant and constant effort to be generally active. not to do with choosing the latest workout equipment or routine……its about doing any thing even walking around the block….persistantly, to gain momentum and then consolidate this movement into other activities.


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Hello again,
well the site is undergoing a major revamp so please be patient if visiting as things are changing for the better!!!
please revisit in the future and see whats new!

Hello to 2012!

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Hello!………..Where have you been!!
That’s a rhetorical question directed at me really! The years move on relentlessly and time waits for no one.
I guess thats a good reason to re-assess, update, redirect and mostly get moving on our plans , projects, dreams and aspirations.
Its 2012, so lets make this a year of DO!…….and I am going to take my own advice!
So this year is my 12th working as Rod Stewarts personal health and fitness trainer……motivator! and we are all of on our travels to the outhern hemisphere for the start of a concert tour taking in Jakarta, Australia an New Zealand. Its going to be a busy time, but Rods up and ready and in fantastic shape for a great tour……if I say so myself!
I will keep you posted on how it all goes but in the meantime…..keep on keeping on! dont let your resolve for a better healthier, fitter more active life slip with the passage of time this new(ish) year.
checking on you soon

Frequently asked questions….

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Take a look at my Fitness & Nutrition tips found under the FAQ tab and let me know whether they are of any help!
If you have any specific questions on any topic related to Health, Fitness or Lifestyle, please get in touch via E mail or give me a call!
I am currently based in the U.K. working with Rod Stewart in Epping, Essex until early March 2011, then returning to the U.S.A.
So it would be a great time to share my exercise ideas and training programs with any one that’s interested!
I am also available for any of you who are interested in short term Personal Training sessions or a Fitness Assessment, just give me a call.
Maybe I can help jump start your Health and Fitness plans for the year ahead, or measure how effective your programs have been so far!